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Hot, hot, hot! These are the ultimate in Banglemania. Polymer clay and brass bangles and cuffs come in different widths. Mix and match an array of the wide (1 full inch) with some mediums (1/2 inch), medium thin (1/4 inch), and thin bangles (3/8 inch) wide. All widths are available in a round shape or a square shape and cuff. Cuff bracelets open in the back are useful to those with either extra small hands, extra large hands or wide wrists. These have some flex in them and can be bent gently to spread the size adjustment throughout the bracelet to accommodate wrist size. Once adjusted, put the cuff bracelet on by taking one end and holding it down on the soft spot inside the wrist. Press in gently and then just roll the rest of the bracelet around your wrist until it settles into place. Remove the same way in reverse.

These bangles and cuffs are all individual. They have a consistent range of colors even though the placement of the colors may vary.

Feel comfort in collecting these over time since even though they will all be different, they will have a similarity and consistency in color and style over time. Bangles are impeccably finished to a satin finish. Clay can be washed with warm soap and water. If necessary, brass can be easily polished up with a Scotch-Brite pad.

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