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The mezzuzah is an ancient symbol of the Jewish faith. Some scholars consider the mezzuzah a reminder that spirtual concerns should outweigh the worldly problems one might encounter upon leaving the home. Use of the mezzuzah dates back to the times when the Jewish people were slaves under the Pharaohs of Egypt. The name originally referred to the frame of a doorway of other entrance, according to biblical verse. In Deuteronomy 6:9 and 11:20, the Bible says, “… and ye shall write them [the words of God] upon the mezzuzot of thy house and in thy gates.” Initially, those words were inscribed directly into the door frames and gates, then written down on parchment that was then affixed to the doorways. Later, the parchment would be placed in hollow reeds or other more durable containers to be hung in the doorways. Over time, the term mezzuzah came to represent the words themselves and eventually the container of those words. This extraordinary mezzuzah is constructed entirely from polymer clay. Every one is unique, and each has a multitude of primary and secondary colors, some black and white accents and at least one row of multi-colored flowers. The base of the mezzuzah is black and the opening in the back has a silver keeper for the scroll that is rolled up and inserted within. The clarity of design and attention to detail makes this a distinctive gift for the wedding couple, the Bar or Bat Mitzvah or for someone moving into a new home. Each mezzuzah comes packaged in a box with double sided adhesive and directions for attaching it to the doorpost, a description of what a mezzuzah is and a translation of the enclosed scroll. The mezzuzah measures approximately 1 inch wide and 4 inches tall.